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Revolutionary glass series – Spiegelau and Stephan Hinz develop the Perfect Serve Collection

Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab, on 13th October 2015 – Spiegelau, the glass manufacturer rich in tradition, and prize-winning bar manager Stephan Hinz have created something unique: a ten-part glass series, which unites the aesthetic standard, function and sensory effect and in addition stands up to the tough requirements of everyday life in the gastronomic world. No spilt drinks during quick working and no unsuitable filling volumes – and dimensions that are perfectly made to measure for all standard freezers. The Perfect Serve Collection fulfils the requirements of discerning caterers. Presented for the first time at the Bar Convent in Berlin, the homogenous glass series found great favor in the branch due to its look and practicality. After one year of developing time, the Spiegelau Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz is now available.

“I have already had the idea of a whole glass collection for five years and have now found the perfect partner with whom to realize the project in Spiegelau. As a bar owner and bartender, I was never one hundred per cent satisfied with the existing offer on the market,” is what Stephen Hinz says about the initiative of developing a collection of his own together with the traditional company Spiegelau. The prize-winning bar manager is owner of the Cologne bar Little Link and has revolutionized bar literature with his books. As a visionary with respect to taste, he delights guests at fancy catering dos and events with his enterprise Cocktailkunst (meaning “The Art of Cocktails”) and is internationally active as a consultant in the beverage industry. “Before, you always had to gather glasses for your own bar from various offers provided in order to have the ideal glasses at hand for all creations. Somehow, you always worked with a mixture from different glass collections and couldn’t offer guests something well-rounded as an overall picture. Therefore, I wanted to create the perfect cast, the comprehensive range of practical and well-designed glasses. Of course I needed a partner who followed the same objectives and visions for this. With Spiegelau, I now have an equal partner at my side, with a great deal of knowledge and experience in the area of glasses,” explains Hinz.

Bar knowledge meets glass art
Spiegelau can look back to a tradition of 500 years and has consistently produced in Germany, using advanced technologies – always with the claim that the glasses have to function. “The sober term “function” has a number of dimensions for us. The glasses are scratch-resistant, robust and dishwasher safe – features not to be neglected in the daily life of catering. Fine crystal glass with the best brilliance in an elegant design provides for a successful presentation for the guest. The optimal glass shape, coordinated with the unique character of the drink, such as the aromatics or the content in carbonated acids guarantees taste experiences in the way that professional bar tenders require. Our expertise as glass makers, combined with the practical know-how of Stephan Hinz resulted in the Perfect Serve Collection – together we are very proud of the result,” is what Richard Voit, Spiegelau Managing Director, says about the cooperation.

Integrally standard
The Perfect Serve Collection is based on an integral approach – starting from the look, through to the weight and right up to the ring of the glasses, all senses are addressed. All models which belong in the modern bar, from the Y-shaped martini glass through to the water glass and right up to the mixing glass are reflected in the standard style. All the glasses are tailored for standard freezers as regards their dimensions and thereby allow comfortable pre-cooling.

Stemmed glasses: the Perfect Cocktail Glass and Perfect Coupette Glass
The Perfect Serve Collection stemmed glasses are perfectly counterbalanced, so that they look good whether held by the stem or the bottom. Through the decoration on the bottom, a unique brilliance is achieved, which lets the liquid in the glass shine. Classic trimmings such as zests can be perfectly draped onto the fine glass edge of the stem glasses. Both the Perfect Cocktail Glass as well as the Perfect Coupette Glass exhibits the optimal filling volume for classics and twists; this way, no leftovers remain in the shaker anymore.

Tumblers: Perfect S.O.F. Glass, Perfect D.O.F. Glass, Perfect Small Longdrink Glass and Perfect Longdrink Glass
The glasses have the perfect weight, are comfortable to handle and very sturdy. Through the slightly rounded finish, the carbonic acid is held for longer. The Perfect S.O.F. Glass has the ideal size for large ice cubes or balls in order to durably cool classics with as little watering down as possible. The Perfect D.O.F. Glass shines with an extra-large filling volume and plenty of space for large ice cubes. The Small Longdrink Glass fills a decisive gap in the bar as a universal glass, perfect for small volume cocktails but also as a water or juice glass. The Longdrink Glass also has the perfect height for the freezer and exactly the right filling volume for typical long drinks and highballs.

Degustation glasses: the Perfect Nosing Glass and Perfect Tasting Glass
Both glasses are optimally oriented towards the worldwide usual filling quantity of 20 to 60 milliliters; this way, small quantities of spirits (20 ml) as well as wine aperitifs (50-60 ml) can be enjoyed. The Perfect Nosing Glass is ideal for high percentage strong spirits. It allows a great deal of exchange with the air and lets the spirits breathe; at the same time, it concentrates the aromas without numbing the nose, which must no longer be brought close to the spirit in order to sniff. In contrast to the classic brandy balloon, the long, fine stem allows the glass to be held without the drinking temperature being raised through the warmth of the hand. The elongated tulip shape of the Perfect Tasting Glass allows increased air
exchange, but at the same time keeps fragile aromas in the glass and concentrates them for the nose: ideal for complex drinks with elusive aromas.

Mixing glasses: Perfect Mixing Glass and Perfect Large Mixing Glass
With the Perfect Serve Collection, Mixing Glasses which match the bar glass series are being offered for the first time. Their size allows comfortable working with lots of ice, and their shape enables easy pouring. Very sturdily designed for durability in daily catering use, these mixing glasses impress with their high brilliance. The Large Mixing Glass also allows the preparation of several drinks simultaneously.

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About Spiegelau: High performance at every occasion
Whether it’s a question of special glasses for the enjoyment of special beers and wines or about versatile universally usable glasses: a Spiegelau glass can be raised at every occasion. The designers develop glasses that are tasteful and at the same time suitable for everyday use, offering a perfect balance between proportion, shape and function. Spiegelau looks back at a long tradition of glass manufacturing, which extends from the development of finest glass mirrors for the historical royal houses of Europe up to the production of sturdy and at the same time classy glasses for the modern catering business. For over five hundred years, the aim has been to combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies in glass production. True to its roots in traditional Bavarian craftsmanship, Spiegelau uses the newest, advanced technologies in order to guarantee that all glasses are sturdy and dependable. This way, Spiegelau glasses not only have high brilliance; they are also extremely resistant to breakage and dishwasher safe. Further information at


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